Whistleblower Appeal

Blow The Whiste & Help Us Expose The Truth

Organisations such as Wikileaks brought whistle blowing to the global stage. But here in Ireland we have plenty of our own untold scandals, hidden stories and covered-up injustices that deserve to be uncovered.

Global operators like Wikileaks do not care for the local Irish scandals that affect you and those you know. Here at NewsScoops.org and the Irish Mail on Sunday we do.

We want to hear about your local Irish concerns; about the things you feel are wrong in this country and about the things you think should be exposed.

If you know of something, however big or small, that you feel is simply not right we would urge you to consider telling us about it. We guarantee complete confidentiality and can advise you about covering your tracks.

And since the introduction of the Protected Disclosures Act in the summer of 2014 you can avail of some of the best protections for whistleblowers anywhere on the planet – even when making a disclosure to a journalist. See our introductory guide to making a protected disclosure to learn more.

Together with the Irish Mail on Sunday we have the willingness, the determination, the wherewithal and the resources to take the smallest of tip offs and pursue them until we expose and print the truth.

But we can’t do it without you.

Whistle blowing is simple. If you think you can help us to tell the truth about something that should be exposed just get in touch and we’ll take it from there.

We will protect you as a source, as the law allows us to do, and we will never reveal your identity to anyone without your permission.

But if you are worried about protecting your identity just call from a phone that cannot be traced to you such as a simple pay-as-you-go phone bought for cash.

Alternatively email us from a computer and an email account that is not linked to you or your work place. You can also pop a letter or package in the post or even drop it into the Irish Mail on Sunday head office yourself.

Many have already done this. Some of the stories and outcomes that resulted can be seen in the gallery below and elsewhere on this site.

View a Transparency Ireland video about whistleblowing and the Protected Disclosures Act.


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