EXCLUSIVE. Confidential Bus Eireann plans revealed.

By Michael O’Farrell

Investigations Editor

Today’s edition of the Irish Mail on Sunday newspaper – available now in shops nationwide – reveals how top managers at Bus Eireann, who have just departed with secret payouts, failed to implement cost cutting plans and targets they set themselves in 2015.

The confidential documents, available for download below, disclose much more besides. We firmly believe it is in the public interest to make them freely available.

At a time when the possible collapse of the entire company is a real threat – and with strikes a virtual certainty – these files show how management, the Government and the unions (who retain two positions on the company board) failed to address spiralling losses first identified as a threat years ago.

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Confidential Bus Eireann Existence Plan

Bus Eireann Existence Plan cover

Bus Eireann Existence Plan Risk Assessment – August 2016

Risk Assessment - August 2016

Bus Eireann Existence Plan – High Level Implementation Plan

implementation plan

Bus Éireann Depot Maintenance Review – Nov 2016

depot review screenshot

Audit Review Group Minutes 24th October 2016 redactedARG photo

Bus Eierann 2016 absenteeism

Absenteeism report

2016 Performance Objectives – Martin Nolan

Martin Nolan performance objectives photo




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